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webService get product order


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I wan to get products detail from order.

I try it like:


 $opt = array('resource' => 'orders', 'filter[id]' => '[' . $id_order . ']');
           $xml = $webService->get($opt);

I know that product are inside order->associations->order_rows->order_row


But how to get this data? I can't get node associations. 


Could somebody explain me it?

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i finally can acces to products inside order doing ...


$opt = array(
    'resource' =>'orders',
    $xml = $webService->get($opt);
    $order_array = $xml->orders->order->children();
After that i pass this array to a twig template (i'm working in a symfony project to coonect presta and ERP )and get products like this:
{% set associations = order_array.associations %}
{% set order_rows = associations.order_rows %}
and then ...
{% for order_row in order_rows %}
    {% for order in order_row %}
      {% for value in order %}
        <td>[spam-filter] value [spam-filter]</td>
      {% endfor %}
    {% endfor %}    
{% endfor %}





one afternoon spent on that shit :)



In php only, i think it could be ...




$order_array = $xml->orders->order->children();


$product = $order_array['associations']['order_rows']['order']


and then 


foreach($product as $field=>$value){ 'do something' }

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