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Multistore blockCategories aliases


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I have set up prestashop multistore, so it's like this:

  www.shop.com  -> this contains main shop
  www.shop.com/second-shop/ -> this contains second store

Now I need to create an alias:
 www.shop.com  -> alias to www.shop.com/second-shop/

So those urls:
  www.shop.com /category-two/ aliases to   www.shop.com/second-shop/category-two/ 

 www.shop.com/second-shop/category-three/  aliases to   www.shop.com /category-three/





Ex: I have one store with $ and one with EUR. In the one with $ I have only ( let's say) 3 products. I don't want to show my customers two stores, instead I want to be able to show in the front-end all the products, the ones in EUR and the ones in $. 


Basically, I want to be able to show the very same "blockCategories" over the two stores, but each category to point to "shop-one" or "shop-two". The purpose of this is to allow my clients to jump from one store to the other from within categories block with ease and not to be able to notice that infact there are two different stores. I have to mention that I cannot apply the obvious solution, to use a top menu with custom links, because the shop is not set to have a top horizontal menu and nor will be in the future so i must work only with categories block.


Does anybody knows how this can be done? 


Thank you

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