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Handling fee overrides all


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I would like to have a carrier that only cost $10 for handling regardless of everything else.


The problem I am having with my current configuration is that if a product has an additional shipping fee, it adds up both fees. i.e a heavy product has an additional fee of $30, then the total with the $10 handling fee is $40, I want these products to be $10 when this carrier is chosen. 


In the PS1.6.0.14 i am using, when i select a carrier as free, the free shipping overrides all other costs, which is what I want, unfortunately it automatically diasables the handling fee option.


You input and ideas will be appreciated.


PS.- Just as a background, with this carrier, the customer pays for all shippping cost, right now is free but we want to start chargin $10 to coordinate delivery with the warehouse since its a lot of work.



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