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Error in installing module


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Hi everyone,


I am a total newbie in Prestashop and in coding. I am trying to learn those two through this forum, slowly. However, I have a problem in installing a third party module, that I failed to find any similar problem being discussed (or solved) in this forum. 


I have downloaded the necessary files from github and upload the folder through ftp in public_html/modules.


In my Prestashop account, through Modules>Modules, I can now see the third party module in the list, therefore I clicked the 'Install' button.


After the installation completed, the module still appear to be uninstalled in the Modules>Modules list. No 'Configure' option nor other options are available in the drop down menu from the module, except 'Install'  and 'Delete' options.


When I clicked the 'Install' button in my attempt to reinstall the module, Prestashop prompts an error message:


"This module is already installed: *ModuleName*"


Seeing this error, I tried to Uninstall (through bulk action), however, Prestashop prompts another error message:


"The following module(s) were not installed properly:

  • *ModuleName*
        The module is not installed."


After that I clicked the 'Delete' button from the drop down menu in the Module>Module (which was successful), and re-uploaded the module folder through ftp. The exact same problem still occurs. 


I have contacted the the developer of the module, and they claimed there should not be any problem, since everything works fine with other users using the same version of PS as mine -, and they have double checked this from their side. They suggested to attempt uninstalling several times while refreshing the page. I have done this but the problem is still there.


This has been the case for about two weeks now.

Appreciate if someone could help me solve this.
Munyra Apparel
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