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SQL Table List with Functionality Definitions


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I am in the process of migrating a PS 1.6 store from one host to another and I wanted to have a semi fresh install as my previous install had some module & other issues that were database related.  So my goal was to transfer all the product and customer data with orders to the new host without the rest of the database.
That said I was looking around the net in search of a full tables list so I could properly export the data I wanted and nothing extra, but I was unable to find anywhere that all of the current MYSQL Tables were defined.
Anyway, I started a list of the PS tables for the different groups of data from the Prestashop SQL Manager.  I have not verified if their complete yet so I wanted to post them to the community incase anyone notices I am missing a table or if anyone has anything to add please do.
Prestashop (Default PS_ Prefix)

Required Dataset	Related Tables
Orders Placed		ps_orders, ps_orders, ps_customer, ps_address, ps_country, ps_country_lang, ps_order_state, ps_order_state_lang,
Products		ps_product, ps_product_lang, ps_image, ps_stock_available, ps_product_shop, ps_category_lang, ps_shop, ps_image_shop, ps_product_download,
Product Categories	ps_category, ps_category_lang, ps_category_shop,
Product Attributes	ps_attribute_group, ps_attribute_group_lang,
Product Tags		ps_tag, ps_product_tag, ps_lang,
Customer Details	ps_guest, ps_connections, ps_customer, ps_gender_lang,
Customer Addresses	ps_address, ps_country_lang, ps_customer,
Customer Messages	ps_customer_message, ps_employee, ps_customer_thread, ps_customer, ps_customer_message, ps_lang, ps_contact_lang,
Cart Price Rules	ps_cart_rule, ps_cart_rule_lang,
Catalog Price Rules	ps_specific_price_rule, ps_shop, ps_currency, ps_country_lang, ps_group_lang,
Shipping Carriers	ps_carrier, ps_carrier_lang, ps_carrier_tax_rules_group_shop,
Location Zones		ps_zone,
SEO & URLs		ps_meta, ps_meta_lang,
CMS			ps_cms_category, ps_cms_category_lang,
Store Contacts		ps_store, ps_country_lang, ps_state,
Admin Employees		ps_employee, ps_profile, ps_profile_lang,
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