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Custom fields exist only in product.tpl


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I added custom field to my Product class:

    class Product extends ProductCore {
    public $pills_per_blister;
    public function __construct($id_product = null, $full = false, $id_lang = null, $id_shop = null, Context $context = null) {
        self::$definition['fields']['pills_per_blister'] = array('type' => self::TYPE_INT, 'validate' => 'isUnsignedId');
        parent::__construct($id_product, $id_lang, $id_shop, $context);

But now I can see this field added to product only on product page, not on product list page.

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Well code you provided, would tie together database field and ensure certain validation on field.
You still have to manually display it where needed.
For example to display in admin product list (override/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php):


class AdminProductsController extends AdminProductsControllerCore

    public function __construct()

        // php >= 5.4
        //$this->fields_list['pills_per_blister'] = ['title' => $this->l('My Extra Field')];
        // php < 5.4
        $this->fields_list['pills_per_blister'] = array('title' => $this->l('My Extra Field'));

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