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create Prestashop admin(backend) module


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I duplicated the module SpecificPriceRule I duplicated the file from backend admin panel.

changed the name of the file and changed the code of the classes.
ordered in the file in class_name in folder cache.

'AdminFPriceRuleController' => 'override/controllers/admin/AdminFPriceRuleController.php',
'AdminFPriceRuleControllerCore' => 'controllers/admin/AdminFPriceRuleController.php',
'FPrice' => 'override/classes/FPrice.php',
`FPriceCore' => 'classes/FPrice.php',
'FPriceRule' => 'override/classes/FPriceRule.php',
'FPriceRuleCore' => 'classes/FPriceRule.php',

![enter image description here][1]

changed the name of the classes in FPrice and FPriceRule.

the module is start, but when you type the name of the discount requires to fill in a field id_shop and block category not displayed

i'm dublicated db tables and change name column.





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