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Dear reader,


First of all, I don't know if this is the right category to post this in but I don't know where to put it elsewhere.


Okay. Situation: I am working on a webshop with about 150 products and approximatly 30 categories. Several products are listed in multiple categories. 

What I want is to sort the products. I actually know how to do that already. But what I noticed is that every product is resorted in the old way when I add a new product to that category.


So say that this is originally the situation:

Product 1: Position 1

Product 2: Position 2


I change it to:

Product 1: Position 2

Product 2: Position 1


But when I add a product, it get changed to:

Product 1: Position 1

Product 2: Position 2

Product 3: Position 3


Imagine this with about 50 products... Is there an other way to sort my products? Maybe with a module?


Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,

Lars Jansen



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