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Display Lowest Specific Price on Product Page


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I most of my products decrease in price based on quantity which are set as 'specific prices'.

I found a great tutorial on doing this for product listings on category pages, which is found http://nemops.com/lowest-price-prestashop-product-list/#.VTjgaJON_2o , but depiste endlessly search on the internet I can't find a solution the product page.

The issue is that the price on the product page doesnt update automatically when you enter higher quantities like it does when using combinations. The great thing about the above tutorial is that it shows 'From' infront of the price only for products using specific price rules, and doesnt diplay 'From' on those that dont, which is what i want for the product pages as I'll be putting pricing tables in the product descriptions for those products using specific prices.

I also have products showing on the home page in scrollers, is there a way to do the same for those prices?


I hope someone can help, and if they can, thanks in advance.

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