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where to fill this product reminder in?

Jian Luo

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where to fill this reminder in? 

"This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 24 quantity for this product."



I don't know why my new product didn't display this sentence.

I can't found where to fill in.


Best regards,



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This message will display where you have set minimal quantity feature.

If you still want to change that text display on product page then you should try following things.

1) Go to themes/your_currrent_theme

2) Open product.tpl file in some text editor.


and search this pharse - quantity for the product

you will find this around line 300 and then you can change the text. Your message should be general because it will be display on every product page.

Be sure you to take a back up of product.tpl file first.



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