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javascript in smarty


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Hello guys I ask a help:

I'm editing the file form.tpl

I have a javascript function like:




function letturaxls(nomefile){

var nomexls = nomefile.split(".xls");
var nome_xls=nomexls[0];
//alert (nome_xls);

var xls_ordini={ordine xlss=$nxls};

for (var i =1;i<=4;i++){




I am trying to assign the variable nome_xls javascript at the variable smarty $nxls.

i do not know how to do ..

was easy if it was {$nxls = 'ciccio'};

how should I do? :(

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What exactly do you want to do?


Smarty code is being executed before the page is generated and sent to the browser, while javascript code is executed after the page is received by the browser.


So you cannot mix the 2 of them, other than generating js script from Smarty code.

You cannot for example call a Smarty variable from a javascript piece of code.

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