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Strange problem when doing a submit in the back-office in a new tab Product


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I created a module for back-office to add a new tab on the product side.
In the module there are several imputs and submit button to send the data.
The problem is that if I press the submit fast works fine but if it takes a few seconds the ajax loading the next line and no longer sends values only recharges the web.
Next line in the SEO section:
<input type="text" id="link_rewrite_1" class="form-control " name="link_rewrite_1" value="camiseta-destenida-manga-corta" onkeyup="if (isArrowKey(event)) return ;updateFriendlyURL();" onblur="updateLinkRewrite();">


PS: If I delete the line with the inspector of elements works well.

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