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datasheet features do not change when selecting a combination in the product page


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Hello everyone,


We have a customer who wants to "link" features to a combination so that when the customer selects a given combination, the datasheet data changes accordingly.


For instance, he has products that have a size given in "S/M/L, etc..." but the same products have in turn a size given in mm (or inches). The size S/M/L, ... is provided as an attribute so this can be selected in the product page (because this can have an impact on the price, for instance). However, when the customer selects M, for instance, the size in mm in the datasheet must change as well. 


To us this seems to be a huge limitation of Prestashop.


The only way we have found to solve this is to *extensively* customize the back-end, the front-end and the DB.


Any thoughts would be very welcome. 





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