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Localize orders statuses?


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Orders Statuses not localized:


I install PS16 by default localization

then I load DE, US etc languages

but all order statuses made only in one default language


and I do manual translate in


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I just tried this:

Go to BO > Orders > Statuses, edit a status.

Translate the status name using the language selector on the right of the field and save.


Then, the order status is correctly translated in both BO (orders page) and FO (my orders) according to the active language (I didn't check emails to customers...)

Isn't it the same for you? Which version do you use?


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When you create a language and set the ISO code, you should be proposed to download the related language pack if available. I never tried that, but I assume it get only "static" translations (i.e. within PHP). Order statuses are kind of "dynamic" data as you can edit them from the BO, and related translations are stored into the database (ps_order_state_lang) and then not covered by the language pack. This is to be checked...


From a technical point of view, it would be possible to automatically translate standard/default data when installing a language pack. You can still propose such an improvment on http://forge.prestashop.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa


Anyway, is your issue solved now?


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Yes, not so difficult, but...

1/ Previously defined order states shall remain when adding a language, otherwise previous orders will become invalid.

2/ At the moment, order states translations are part of installation package (cf. install/langs/en/data/order_state.xml), and install/ is required to be deleted after installation (at least renamed). So, some "core" elements would have to change. Unless you redundantly provide those translations another way, at the risk of inconsistency.

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