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Special price per customization.


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We're currently developing our store based on PrestaShop. So far we are amused by possibilties provided by your great e-commerce. Unforntunately our company products are not so typical - we're selling photobooks, photocalendars.

Each calendar can have unlimited additional pages, so it's price cannot be calculated in standard presta way.

Now we're storing each calendar project id as customization and info about additional pages in separate table. To calculate price correctly we had to override each controller and after calculation of price add cost of additional pages. 

This solution works, but it is not so great and requires a lot of code duplication.


We're wondering if there is a better solution to our problem. 

Other solutions we've thought of:

-creating new product for each project created by client - a lot of products, a lot of duplication in database, problems with hiding this products from admin and clients

-creating a pull request with method getPriceStatic with additional argument - id_customization and additional hook to change price based on customization.


Could you advise how to resolve our issue, or what are your thoughts on our current and proposed solutions?

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