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Default produt order by diferent languages


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Hello, does anyone know how to set a default order of products depending on the language?
EN language default view of products sort by price ASC
FR language default view of products sort by price DESC


Thank you very much

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Ok I am not sure


when and where do you want do these



but for example  


Category::getProducts have $order_by $order_way options


you can do or override these function to do waht you want by default or your needs change all the calls with the correct params 

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I experienced change in product-sort.tpl


Adding by language for each block


{if $lang_iso == en}  


<option value="{$orderbydefault|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}:{$orderwaydefault|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" {if $orderby eq $orderbydefault}selected="selected"{/if}>{l s='Sort by'}</option>  



{if $lang_iso == fr}  

<option value="{$orderbydefault|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}:{$orderwaydefaultb|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" {if $orderby eq $orderbydefaultb}selected="selected"{/if}>{l s='Sort by'}</option>  



and edited Frontcontroller.php



$stock_management = Configuration::get('PS_STOCK_MANAGEMENT') ? true : false; // no display quantity order if stock management disabled
$order_by_values = array(0 => 'name', 1 => 'price', 2 => 'date_add', 3 => 'date_upd', 4 => 'position', 5 => 'manufacturer_name', 6 => 'quantity', 7 => 'reference');
$order_way_values = array(0 => 'asc', 1 => 'desc');
$this->orderBy = Tools::strtolower(Tools::getValue('orderby', $order_by_values[(int)Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_ORDER_BY')]));
$this->orderWay = Tools::strtolower(Tools::getValue('orderway', $order_way_values[(int)Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_ORDER_WAY')]));
$this->orderWay = Tools::strtolower(Tools::getValue('orderway', $order_way_valuesb[(int)Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_ORDER_WAYB')]));
if (!in_array($this->orderBy, $order_by_values))
$this->orderBy = $order_by_values[0];
if (!in_array($this->orderWay, $order_way_values))
$this->orderWay = $order_way_values[0];
if (!in_array($this->orderWay, $order_way_valuesb))
$this->orderWay = $order_way_valuesb[0];
'orderby' => $this->orderBy,
'orderway' => $this->orderWay,
'orderbydefault' => $order_by_values[(int)Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_ORDER_BY')],
'orderwayposition' => $order_way_values[(int)Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_ORDER_WAY')], // Deprecated: orderwayposition
'orderwaydefault' => $order_way_values[(int)Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_ORDER_WAY')],
 'orderwaydefaultb' => $order_way_valuesb[(int)Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_ORDER_WAYB')],
'stock_management' => (int)$stock_management));
One with value 0 = ASC other Value 1= DESC
But not happens. The default order configured on BO remain. 
Sorry but I'm not a programmer . I try to find out
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On BO exist the option to define the default order of products on all store

Preferences > Products


What I need is have a order (ASC or DESC) on products on one especific language

Geral example english is ok whith the order defined on BO (PRICE = ASC)  but I need that products in French have the order (PRICE = DESC).

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I didnt try but but the list of products on a category come from Category Class from getProducts

		if ($random === true)
			$sql .= ' ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT '.(int)$random_number_products;
			$sql .= ' ORDER BY '.(!empty($order_by_prefix) ? $order_by_prefix.'.' : '').'`'.bqSQL($order_by).'` '.pSQL($order_way).'
			LIMIT '.(((int)$p - 1) * (int)$n).','.(int)$n;

you can override the class check the language - change the $order_way

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