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How to apply coupon code programatically for API


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Hi All,


I am developing APIs for mobile app. I am stuck at the point where I want to apply coupon code on the cart.

I want to know how If there is any function calling which will return me the discounts applicable on coupon.



Any help will greatly appreciated.




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Hi, if you want to create the discount, you can do it by creating an object cartRules:


$cart_rule = new CartRule();

//just change the value by what you want:

$cart_rule->name = name (should be an array of every language names with the id_lang as keys);
$cart_rule->id_customer = 0;
$cart_rule->date_from = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
$cart_rule->date_to = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
$cart_rule->description = discount_description;
$cart_rule->quantity = 1;
$cart_rule->quantity_per_user = 1;
$cart_rule->priority = 1;
$cart_rule->partial_use = 1;
$cart_rule->code = your_code;
$cart_rule->minimum_amount = 0;
$cart_rule->minimum_amount_tax = 0;
$cart_rule->minimum_amount_currency = 1;
$cart_rule->minimum_amount_shipping = 0;
$cart_rule->country_restriction = 0;
$cart_rule->carrier_restriction = 0;
$cart_rule->group_restriction = 0;
$cart_rule->cart_rule_restriction = 0;
$cart_rule->product_restriction = 0;
$cart_rule->shop_restriction = 0;
$cart_rule->free_shipping = 0;
$cart_rule->reduction_percent = your percentage or 0.00;
$cart_rule->reduction_amount = your_amount or 0.00;
$cart_rule->reduction_tax = 1;
$cart_rule->reduction_currency = 1;
$cart_rule->reduction_product = 0;
$cart_rule->gift_product = 0;
$cart_rule->gift_product_attribute = 0;
$cart_rule->highlight = 0;
$cart_rule->active = 1;
$cart_rule->date_add = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
$cart_rule->date_upd = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');


when the object is create you can have the key by $cart_rule->id and then add it to the cart:


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Thanks fred-vinapresta , this helped me a lot... 

I can successfully apply voucher to the cart. Below is the code which worked for me


if (($cartRule = new CartRule(CartRule::getIdByCode($coupon))) && Validate::isLoadedObject($cartRule)) {
            $cart = new Cart($cartid);
            $cartresult = $cart->addCartRule($cartRule->id);
            $cartProducts = $cart->getCartRules();
             $cou = array('success' => 'true', 'discount' => $cartProducts[0]['value_real']);
            $coujson = json_encode($cou, true);

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