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Multiple combinations do not work on default template ver 1.6.13


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I created a combination price one, price two in the back end demo, with two values each none, and add gift.


add gift to increase the price of the product 


I could not see the product attributes on the frontend and with local copy of 1.6.13,  I could see the product attributes but only first attribute “Price One” updates the price, the second “Price Two” does not increase the price at all, both were value “Add Gift” which was suppose to increase the value having chose to different attribute both with a price increase on the combination.


The more important questions is why can't I have two product attributes like  Adding blue, increases the price by for example $40 and then adding material, for example wool, increases the price again.


When I have done two product attributes only first one amends the price as it should, choosing the second does nothing to the price.


I have made a lot of modifications to files so can't just put 1.6.14 over the top of it, in case someone suggest going to that version.





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I added a screenshot of a 1.6.14 install with two product attributes


Add gift wrapping  - values :  None and yes


Add first class shipping - values : No and yes


Both yes values have a increase price by entry, but I only see a price increase only when choosing add first class shipping,  add gift wrapping does not increase the price yet it has increase price by entry.


Does anybody know what is happening here? The issue was there with 1.6.13 too.




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