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Your listing was successful but there's a problem with your gallery picture.


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When I have sync'd my products each product does not have an ebay gallery  picture.


When I click on the ebay listing, at the top of the page it says Your listing was successful but there's a problem with your gallery picture.


There's a problem with your Gallery picture

There's a problem with your Gallery picture. Sometimes this problem resolves itself within 24 hours without you doing anything. Below are the 3 different ways you can try to fix it now:

  • Go to the Fix your Gallery picture page, and click the Create.
  • If you want to use a different picture for your Gallery picture, revise your item to add a different picture.
  • If fixing your Gallery picture doesn't solve the problem, please contact eBay Customer Support and give them this Gallery error code: 6

I have waited over 24 hours and it did not correct itself. does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this issue as it is happening to all the products I am listing on ebay. 



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Good day Nick, 


We found similar issue on ebay forum http://community.ebay.com/t5/Tools-Apps/Gallery-error-code-6/td-p/23337990


Mostly of all link to image in your store return error 500 or not found. So in your case we suggest to check what image link send to ebay. It possible that image not exist, or image size not exist. Also please notice that ebay not accept https protocol for images. Only http allowed. 


In your case we suggest activate somthink like "Log"  and check what XML send to ebay. In this XML document you can find link to images (mostly of all this is will be UploadImage request). Try to open this image in browser. 


Additionally you can check your host error/access log for have error reported connected to images. Like error 404 (not found) or 500 (Internal error). 

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