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Moving blocktopmenu module to another theme? (Presta 1.6)


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Hi, I'm trying to move blocktopmenu module to another theme, and hook it to the displayNav. I've tried:

- moving the tpl, css and js files and folders from themes/default-bootstrap/modules, themes/default-bootstrap/css/modules, themes/default-bootstrap/js/modules associated with blocktopmenu to the new theme folder

- deleted cache/class_index.php

- deleted new_theme/cache/ css and js files

Now I can see the tpl file getting loaded just fine, but the problem is, the css and js files are not loaded properly, when I modify the module/blocktopmenu/blocktopmenu.php and add a function to hook it to a different position, eg: hookdisplayFooter, I can see the css and js files just fine.

The only work around I can do right now is to call the addCSS and addJS functions in FrontController, now obviously this is not a good solution, can anybody point me to the right direction?

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