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Sub categories of the top horizontal menu

polybush me

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Hi Everyone, 


I have searched google and on here for configuring the top horizontal menu bar. 


I have my categories appear when you hover over the heading and it shows all the sub categories (vehicle makes)

it also shows the subcategories again for the next category down.


The only sections I current have product in are Alfa Romeo, Audi and Subaru.


Take a look on my site polybush.me.uk and you can see what I mean. 


I want to be able to make the top horizontal menu just show all vehicle makes and NOT the next category of the vehicle models. 


I have tried changing bit in the back office configuration but can't seem to be able to work out how to fix this. 



any help would be appreciated. 


Many Thanks





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Thanks very much for helping me sort that. 


It has left a gap under each category that currently contains products though, is there anyway to reduce this? 




If it can't be done then its no bother it will just be a little spaced out. 



Many Thanks



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Hi there


I am new to presta shop and have a top horizontal menu, how do I make sub catagories under each heading? please check out www.mothersandthings.co.za, 

I am adding new products all the time and dont want the horizontal menu to go on and on and on... if you know what I mean,  


whats the best way to organize it?



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