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Discount on a discounted order


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I need to customize my presta... i'm using prestashop

My customer asked me to enable multiple Discount on an order

For example

My user "A" have got 3 discount rule: 50% 10% and 10% on total order

My user "A" add to cart some product for a total of 100$

With his 3 discount rule him have to pay only 40,5$ (100$ -50% = 50$ - 10% = 45 - 10% = 40,5$)


If I set 3 discount rule normally my prestashop wrong calculation is: (100$ - 50$ -10$ -10$ = 30$)

How can i do this?

Thanks in advance



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I've found where order discount is calculated

On cart.php (lines 1525-1551) and on cart_rule.php (line 841-850)

For every rule, prestashop calculate % reduction on total order price reading this value from

$order_total = $context->cart->getOrderTotal($use_tax, Cart::ONLY_PRODUCTS, $package_products);


Now i think i need to decrease this value everytime a % reduction is calculated

Someone can help me?



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