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Module Route

Mohamadou Ndiaye

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Hello every body

I am developing a module a would like to know how to make my own route.

I use prestashop 1.6.

My problém is i dont know how to pass the p parameter to the url

Please help.



 public function hookModuleRoutes($params){
                    'module-mpsellerslistaddon-sellerslist' => array(
                        'controller' =>    'sellerslist',
                        'rule' =>        'mpsellerslistaddon/sellerslist{:/p}',
                        'keywords' => array(
                            'p'            =>   array('regexp' => '[0-9]+', 'param' => 'p'),
                            'module' =>            array('regexp' => 'mpsellerslistaddon', 'param' => 'module'),
                            'controller' =>        array('regexp' => 'sellerslist', 'param' => 'controller'),
                        'params' => array(
                            'fc' => 'module',


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