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Customer Export to CSV with Custom Fields Add-On Information


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I built a Prestashop site for a client.


The client required a custom sign up form, therefore I purchased and installed an add-on called "Custom Fields". The add-on does exactly what it's supposed too, it adds new custom fields to the sign up form, however unfortunately I can't export the data it collects with the default customer export CSV functionality native to Prestashop.


Does anyone know how I can integrate the information it collects by this add-on, into the default export function in Prestashop (Customers >> Export), or any other option I can explore regarding this request.


I've looked at the SQL manager possibility, but if the client wants to add a new custom field in the future (i.e.  How did you hear about us), then I'd have to go in and modify the SQL query every single time.


Help please!

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Partly found the solution, needed to enable "Show on customers list", however the export to CSV still doesn't work correctly, the fields are overwritten.


If I export with custom fields module checklist, you normally separete data to columns in excel with "Text to Columns" option, the data gets overlapped and erased because the checklist option exports into seperate columns, not into same column.

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