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how we can use the ruby gems in prestashop?


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ruby is quite different than prestashop

ruby gems will certainly be of no use with prestashop

ruby will not be able to use any of the prestashop API, hence you'll be unable to upgrade should you tied ruby w/ Prestashop


The question looks pretty strange btw.

Prestashop is a php e-commerce framework/application

Ruby is a language, like PHP or java

Almost like you asked how to install ruby gems under notepad! Or considering a gem being an application also. How to install excel within notepad! See the catch? :rolleyes:


You can install ruby on your server, make ruby available for your web host.

Deploy any gems you like (unusefull as stated above).

Making Prestashop to use a gem is unlikely (unless for a lab - try)

Making a gem to interact w/ Prestashop is unlikely (unless for a lab - try)

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