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[getAdminToken] get error "Invalid security token", help please


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hi all


 I am adding a link (each row of grid) that point to a carrier. here is my folowling code:


$token_carriers = Tools::getAdminToken('AdminCarriers'.(int)Tab::getIdFromClassName('AdminCarriers').(int)Context::getContext()->employee->id);


$values= Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS($this->_query);
        foreach ($values as &$value)
            $value['name'] ='<p><a href="index.php?controller=AdminCarrierWizard&token='.$token_carriers.'&id_carrier='.$value['id_carrier'].'">'.$this->l($value['name']).'</a></p>';            


I have got an error 'Invalid security token' after click


any suggestion ?

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