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clean url module and seo expert


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hi all

I am facing an issue with clean url (the free module from http://lebioda.github.io/PrestaShop-modules-CleanURLs/) and seo expert (the official module).


I have created a rule for SEO expert to use {product_name} as friendly url and applied it - it works. However, the ID is still in the url, therefore I installed clean url.


After installing it, the categories and products URLs are great - no more id.

however, all other root pages are gone.

For example, there is no list of products in the home page, and if I click on log in, the my-account page is not found. The error I receive in both cases is product not found.


i have tried cleaning the cache, deactivating it, disabling and enabling friendly urls to no avail.


Any idea how to solve this?

the test site is www.tmofficer.com





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