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Help how to add prices of cart on product page


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ok but when it is in cart PS performs a calculation of the total cost of transport according to weight order

in the product can do the same thing, however, referring to the weight of the individual product, which then in phase cart with most products the result may be different

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no one has to work only on file product.tpl of thema, but they must do to get / extract data relating to costs and then do the math weight product for expenses

always in that file you have to create the new box that will display the html summary costs as per your example img

in the box at the end displays the data obtained

but then again, the data will only refer to the product in question

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no, the product page you will have only the data related to that product even if there are other products in the cart.

This is the easiest and fastest

to get the updated data in the product in relation to products already in the cart is much more complex and you need a custom module

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