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Automatic capture of payments


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I am doing some external order handling through the REST API, and I need to capture the payment on an order once it is sent.

So I was just wondering:


1. Is there some general way -through code- to capture a creditcard payment ?

(or will one have to implement this differently dependent on the payment-gateway module)


2. Is there a way to capture a payment through the REST web service ?


3. Or, if none of the above, Is there a way to set an order-payment status = captured, through the REST web service, such that it will be regarded captured by the shop (If I have to capture externally) ?


4. Or else - I will go and put this on my wish list.


I have been looking through code for a day, and I can't really see any general way this is done, neither through PHP or REST, and it seems that payment gateways are not obliged to even have a capture method.


Thanks in advance..

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