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Fatal error: Out of memory


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Ciao a tutti, ho un problema con le immagine, o meglio: quando Prestashop prova a rigenerare i thumbnails:

Se vado sotto admin -> Preference -> Images : e chiedo di rigenerarli ho il seguente errore:

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 32243712) (tried to allocate 12224 bytes) in /public_html/shop/images.inc.php on line 212

memory_limit ho provato a configurarlo a 128MB, 256MB e anche 1024MB ma inutilmente. Non sò proprio cosa sia. Attialmente il core PHP ha i seguenti parametri:

PHP Core
Directive    Local Value    Master Value
allow_call_time_pass_reference    Off    Off
allow_url_fopen    On    On
allow_url_include    Off    Off
always_populate_raw_post_data    Off    Off
arg_separator.input    &    &
arg_separator.output    &    &
asp_tags    Off    Off
auto_append_file    no value    no value
auto_globals_jit    On    On
auto_prepend_file    no value    no value
browscap    no value    no value
default_charset    no value    no value
default_mimetype    text/html    text/html
define_syslog_variables    Off    Off
disable_classes    no value    no value
disable_functions    no value    no value
display_errors    Off    Off
display_startup_errors    Off    Off
doc_root    no value    no value
docref_ext    no value    no value
docref_root    no value    no value
enable_dl    On    On
error_append_string    no value    no value
error_log    no value    no value
error_prepend_string    no value    no value
error_reporting    6135    6135
expose_php    On    On
extension_dir    /usr/lib/php5/    /usr/lib/php5/
file_uploads    On    On
highlight.bg    #FFFFFF    #FFFFFF
highlight.comment    #FF8000    #FF8000
highlight.default    #0000BB    #0000BB
highlight.html    #000000    #000000
highlight.keyword    #007700    #007700
highlight.string    #DD0000    #DD0000
html_errors    On    On
ignore_repeated_errors    Off    Off
ignore_repeated_source    Off    Off
ignore_user_abort    Off    Off
implicit_flush    Off    Off
include_path    .:/usr/share/pear5    .:/usr/share/pear5
log_errors    On    On
log_errors_max_len    1024    1024
magic_quotes_gpc    Off    Off
magic_quotes_runtime    Off    Off
magic_quotes_sybase    Off    Off
mail.force_extra_parameters    no value    no value
max_execution_time    30    30
max_input_nesting_level    64    64
max_input_time    60    60
memory_limit    -1    -1
open_basedir    no value    no value
output_buffering    4096    4096
output_handler    no value    no value
post_max_size    8M    8M
precision    14    14
realpath_cache_size    16K    16K
realpath_cache_ttl    120    120
register_argc_argv    Off    Off
register_globals    Off    Off
register_long_arrays    Off    Off
report_memleaks    On    On
report_zend_debug    On    On
safe_mode    Off    Off
safe_mode_exec_dir    no value    no value
safe_mode_gid    Off    Off
safe_mode_include_dir    no value    no value
sendmail_from    no value    no value
sendmail_path    /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i    /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i
serialize_precision    100    100
short_open_tag    On    On
SMTP    localhost    localhost
smtp_port    25    25
sql.safe_mode    Off    Off
track_errors    Off    Off
unserialize_callback_func    no value    no value
upload_max_filesize    2M    2M
upload_tmp_dir    no value    no value
user_dir    no value    no value
variables_order    GPCS    GPCS
xmlrpc_error_number    0    0
xmlrpc_errors    Off    Off
y2k_compliance    On    On
zend.ze1_compatibility_mode    Off    Off

Sapete darmi una mano?

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