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Problem importing categories from eBay to PS / sort of solved but...


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hi all,

I'm afraid I'm posting regarding an old problem, but searching the forum did not bring up any solution. I'll try to explain as accurately as possible.


I am using eBay module 1.9.2 and get stuck when I try to load the eBay categories in PS, before sync. I go on Shop categories, hit reload and the error I get is:

INSERT INTO `ps_ebay_store_category` (`id_ebay_profile`, `ebay_category_id`, `name`, `order`, `ebay_parent_category_id`) VALUES ('3', '9713240013', 'Maglieria', '2', '0')

If I run the query manually, from within the muSQL interface, i get this error: #1062 - Duplicate entry '3-2147483647' for key 'id_ebay_profile'


I tried to look into it a bit and went into the ps_ebay_store_category. I noticed that the second category loaded (the first is 'Other' and appears automatically) has 2147483647 as ebay_category_id value. If i change this value to a more approachable '1' value (0 being 'Other'), I can sort of solve the issue.


now, the number 2147483647 rang a bell; in fact to cite Wikipedia is the eighth Mersenne prime, equal to 231 − 1. Basically it's also the biggest value for an int field, or so is my understanding. Obviously I cannot put any bigger value. I tried to change the structure of the table and replaced int(16) with int(32) to no avail. I then changed to BIGINT and lo and behold, it works: it imports everything.




1- is this normal behavior?

2- (mostly) will there be any issue or any unexpected consequence now that I changed to BIGINT? does anyone know what queries are run against these fields?

3- even though subcategories are imported in the database and correctly linked, they do not appear in the eBay shop categories PS module: only main categories appear. Is this normal behavior again? any workaround?


thanks in advance.



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