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Add supplier with form from front office

studio B-now

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Hi, thanks for read this !

I have searched a long time on a lot of forum if it was possible, but I don't find anything :/


Is it possible, with a form ( in a custom login page ) to create a new Supplier ? Maybe a supplier object method or a constructor ? I don't find at all U_u. 


Is this possible ?

Thanks for your help !

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yes, you can do it, but you need to create a new custom page : php file, controller and template. Then in your template you can add a form and do the supplier aving in your controller. You don't need to create a new Class Object cause you ll just manipulate the existing Supplier class. For the login,you can get use the isLogged method of customer and redirect to login form if necessary

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Thank you for you answer :) !  I have create the new page like you have say to me. I'm a true Newbie with prestashop so I have understand how to display content with smarty, use if/else/ ...ect. but I don't understand how to do for communicate between the tpl and the php file :wacko: ... How can I send the variable from .php to .tpl ? Thanks !

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