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Advance stock - negative values


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Hello guys,


I'm new with Prestashop and I'm trying to manually edit the stock. Basically I set all the value to 0 and I have a CSV with the stock value exported from the company erp. Some products have negative values. I did this :


1) Create a stock movement with "decrease" as cause and the quantity to decrease : -2 .


2) I tried to updated the table prestashop_stock and to set the physical_quantity and usable_quantity fields with -2 but I can't. Because the two fields are unsigned integer MysQL doesn't let me set -2 as quantity.


3) I update prestashop_stock_available table and I set the quantity to -2.


When I go on the product, I can see that the quantity is equal to -2 BUT if I go to the management stock page, I see 0 for that product and not -2.


Qhat am I doing wrong ?


Thanks for your help,



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