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Favicon from main shop loading on other shops but only on product page


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I am having a strange problem with favicons. In a multishop installation, each shop with its favicon, it shows fine on all pages on each shop except for the product page where it pulls the main shops' favicon. In the code the favicon is correct but on the browser it shows the wrong one.Why can this be?


I have deleted cache, etc, and tested on several computers and browsers. They all have the same issue.

You can check here. Go to homepage, for instance, and you will see the correct favicon, then go to any product page and it changes.


Any clue is appreciated.

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Maybe there is an issue with your ISP cache
Try to disconnect your internet connection for a minutes and then reconnect

common ISP use dynamic ip address, therefore your ip address will be changed

I was saw the correct favicon in my browser Chrome, I.E, Safari, Opera, the green favicon

BUT somehow it still displayed incorrectly on Firefox, so ... maybe there is an issue with firefox :)

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Firefox handle the favicon differently.
Clearing the firefox cache or press Ctrl + F5 won't clearing the firefox favicon cache.
It's saved in firefox database : places.sqlite

Firefox also handle favicon mime_type differently.
your favicon.ico is a real *.ico mime_type but your favicon-4.ico actually *.jpeg, therefore the firefox only read the your favicon.ico file which available on /img/ dir of your site and ignoring the favicon-4.ico eventhough this favicon defined on your html markup

How to manage firefox places.sqlite ?
You can use firefox add ons SQLite Manager :


How to create real ico file ?
You can use icoFx (Shareware) :


OR use Iconion



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Thanks for the info!


However, I replaced the favicon-4.ico for a real .ico format file but the issue persists. I wonder if anybody else has this issue on multishops. 


SQLite Manager now detects the correct file format for favicon-4.ico but is pulling domain/favicon.ico on the product page (only). Weird.

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