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Strange error with payment

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Hi guys, today my PS made a strange error, in few words, i've got a payment from paypal, and PS mix three orders like the pics that i attached, maybe i can solve using myphpadmin, on the database, but i wanna know how it appear.

If you have some idea.

Thanks for your support.






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Have you made any update of payment module or other module? This makes mostly the issues. 

Hi domorodecmezilidmi,

yep everybody update the paypal module, but it happened e week ago and still today everything was working perfectly, the only thing un usual, it was that today a customer paid with paypal , and sometimes , you know, paypal has to control the transition, so after that they sent me an email and i press " Paymet accepted " and i don't know if the problem was be4, but the payment indicted was one of them, but I noticed later

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