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Fix order emails variables


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Hello, i am working on PS and i am using 4 payment options.

I mentioned that the email thats being sent to a customer after the order punchuation, has different values depending on checkout gateway.

eg: If i select COD with fee, subtotal is culcuated correclty but if i select dank deposit with same products, shipping etc.. , for the same email template, subtotal shows price with tax.


Who is the controller responsible to find variables & sent email to client? 





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Each Payment module should have a controller to validate order. This controller can be found on :


To validate order, the payment module will use this method :

$this->module->validateOrder(... params goes here ...)

The validateOrder method is defined within the classes file which can be found on :


public function validateOrder(... params goes here ...)

This class method is responsible to validate order, determine variable and send email

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