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Lazy Attachments


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Ok this is just to share a small piece of code i did (nothing exceptional) that makes it easy to add attachments to my products.


this little code looks for a file with the same name as the product reference. if it exsists then it adds an icon (found in img/pdf.png) see picture for results.



1. I only have one attachment per product (might change this in near future)

2. each product is multilanuage so i add suffix to my file name before the extention like this for french '_fr' for english '_en' and so on so a file called 'myfile.pdf' becomes 'myfile_fr.pdf'


i place all my PDF files into a folder under the root like so : www.mydomaine/pdffiles/myfile_fr.pdf ....


then in themes/default-bootstrap/product.tpl i added this near line 227 <---usefull links-->


<!-- usefull links-->
        <ul id="usefull_link_block" class="clearfix no-print"> 
            {$lang_checker = {"_"|cat:{$lang_iso[spam-filter]} 
            {$filename = "pdffiles/{str_replace(,'/','-',$product->reference)}{$lang_checker}.pdf"}
                    {if file_exists($filename)}   
                      <div >
                          <a target="_blank" href="{$filename}"><img src = "img/icon/pdf.png" width="100px"></a> 

you might notice that i did a replace '/' with '-' this is because my products codes are something like 'trr/010598G so i just replaced the '/' with something more convienient for the file names.


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