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Web service logic & must have functions


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Hello, i am looking for a way to make our business ERP & PS store to communicate and update each other for specific items. I read the web services documentation but because of luck on experience i will need some help from the community. 


I tested the basic examples that are shared on github and i am surprised why more examples are not shared. What we try to accomplish is:


From ERP to ESHOP :

1. update product availability

2. order status update


From ESHOP to ERP :

1. New order export (customer info should be extracted separately?)


I bet someone must have already completed similar tasks. Any help or how to guide would be appreciated. 


If i have understand the logic correctly, it goes like this:

A. We export an xml, csv (any kind of file) from erp db with product_id & availability , lets say test.xml 

B. We use PSWebServiceLibrary.php and a custom function (inside another php file) to read values from test.xml and update availability that meets product_id to PS db via the web service.

C. We set a cron job for these php files.

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