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Input data for tag is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation.

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Hello all,


I've just been trying to upload some products to ebay and for some reason I'm getting the error:


Input data for tag is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation.

Product(s) concerned :
- LED Ceiling Light Panel 270mm Diameter - 12W 5000K


I've checked the country is correct and that this product can only ship to the UK. The only reference I could find regarding this was written a year or two ago with an older version of prestashop. Am I missing something?


I get a green tick saying that the items have been uploaded but when I check the account on ebay, nothing is their (see attached).


Any help would be hugely appreciated.


Kind Regards



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Good News: I've gone through the whole setup again and got rid of that error.


Bad News: The error I'm now getting is one I've had before and I still don't know how to fix it.


The category selected is not a leaf category.


See attached photo for the error (I can't attach images without a new thread?). I've tried changing the category to 'everything else' and I get the same error. I also checked ebay and the category I'm aiming for is "Home, Furniture & DIY > Lighting > Light Bulbs". For some reason I'm not getting any sub category options beyond "Home, Furniture & DIY". Non of the items I'm trying to list have variants and they are all lighting products.


Is there any way of selecting sub categories? Having checked the meaning of 'leaf category' I can see that it's referring to the fact I have not selected which sub cat I want the items to be put in.

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