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SOLVED BY OUTSIDE HELP What folders / files are used for the customer login process?

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I have everything set to 777 as the instructions say and everything but customer login works perfectly. I've read in several solutions to other problems that people had to change 777 to 755 in order to get some functions to work.

My customers cannot login a SECOND time after they register their info. I am thinking that maybe if I change the folders (and possibly subfolders) used during login to 755 it may solve the problem.

I don't want to randomly set all 777 folders to 755 because everything else in the prestashop installation is working fine. If I knew what folders (sub-folders) get used after the customer clicks the Login button I could just try those out to see if 755 is the answer.

If you know could you let me know. I'm pretty much at end the end of my rope trying to get this issue resolved, and nobody knows (or at least they are not saying so here) why the second login leads to a connection reset error. My ISP says it isn't anything they can do it is something being sent to their server that is unrecognizable or not allowed, and the fact that they could sign in as a customer once confirmed for them that the software is generating some error preventing the second login attempt by the same customer.

Please if you know take the time to help out.

Thanks in advance if you can,

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