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Processing form in custom product tab (BO)


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I'm hoping someone already knows the answer to this little problem which I've been grinding over for the past few hours to no avail.


In short, I am creating a nodule which implements the displayAdminProductsExtra hook.   This results in an extra tab being added to the product edit page in the back office and here I render a form using the HelperForm class.  When the form is submitted it is processed by the module for saving the information.


All this works without any issues, however I am attempting to implement the display of form errors and cannot figure out how to go about processing the form, returning and displaying any errors while keeping keeping my custom tab open.  It seems after submit, the default "information" tab is opened.


Any sort of help would be hugely appreciated.




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Hi Sandip


Thanks for your thoughts and time.


I was hoping to do this without Ajax, just a normal form submit.  I see that that other tabs in the product admin manage to acheive what I am after but I just can't figure out how :(


Hello friend,


you can use ajax to implement this way.


find admin-products.js in main js directory 

search for function ajaxAction()


then detect controller request in AdminProductsController.php 

using Tools::getValue('');



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