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"The category selected is not a leaf category."

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Hello all,


I've been using the ebay module for months now and haven't encountered this problem before. When i try to upload products I'm getting the error "The category selected is not a leaf category". After a little research I found that this meant that the category it's being uploaded to is wrong. I checked the category assignment tab and found that the upper category is correct but non of the lower category's are being displayed. Previously all of the products were assigned to the relevant sub category's without any problems.


I have checked all of my previous uploads to prestashop (specifically the product that has the error, although non of the products are uploading) but all seems fine and is assigned to the correct place. I've tried this is version 1.6 and had no joy so I've installed the latest version 1.7.x and i'm getting the exact same issue.


Anyone else having this problem? If so do you know of any solution?


One of the attached images shows that the variants are not an issue when uploading to ebay.





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I've looked through the pinned help topic regarding this issue but the information seems to be out of date. It tells me to change the section:


if (isset ($ configs ['EBAY_CATEGORY_LOADED']) |! |! $ configs ['EBAY_CATEGORY_LOADED']) 
                                    EbayRequest $ ebay = new (); 
                                    EbayCategory :: insertCategories ($ ebay-> GetCategories (), $ ebay-> getCategoriesSkuCompliancy ()); 
                                    $ this-> setConfiguration ('EBAY_CATEGORY_LOADED', 1); 
                                    $ this-> setConfiguration ('EBAY_CATEGORY_LOADED_DATE', date ('Ymd H: i: s')); 


to something different, however I cannot find this exact piece of code. Mine reads:


if (!isset($configs['EBAY_CATEGORY_LOADED']) || !$configs['EBAY_CATEGORY_LOADED'] || !EbayCategory::areCategoryLoaded())
$ebay = new EbayRequest();
EbayCategory::insertCategories($ebay->getCategories(), $ebay->getCategoriesSkuCompliancy());
$this->setConfiguration('EBAY_CATEGORY_LOADED', 1);
$this->setConfiguration('EBAY_CATEGORY_LOADED_DATE', date('Y-m-d H:i:s'));


Because it's this different and the date of the original pin is in June im going to leave it as the module has been updated since then. I have also checked to see if it's the same problem is IE & Firefox... it is.

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