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Text block on Product pages multi language


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I hope someone can offer some ideas or guidance.


What I need is a block of text that appears on each of the product pages i.e. for all products in the catalogue. This block also needs to change on language change.


At the moment I have the text hard coded within the more info tab but this isn't ideal as I had to put both languages, so they both show on the page regardless of the language choice.


heres a screen shot - the relevant bit is the bit starting at PLEASE NOTE and ending at the bottom of the screen shot.




Ideally I'd like a better way to do this, for example I tried to use the custom CMS information block but couldn't work out how to hook it to the right place - I'm using the Parure template.


Failing finding an in built solution is there a way I can do some kind of if statement to show the correct language depending on the visitors choice.


thanks for any help and for taking the time to read.



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