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Import csv. Only update no Add new


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I'm looking for a solution to update easily the price of the products.
Let's say in advance that the updates are made via the software of the physical store. Which has a much bigger db of products that updates on daily basis the retail price.(if 100 products are updated on the software, in the PS database i only need to update about 10) So out of these I need to compare the reference number in order to update only the one that i actually sell on the online store.

my ideas are just 2 and i don't really know how to realize them:
1)i export a csv from the software. I override AdminImportController in order to implement an option to add the product or not, like a checkbox in the import product options. (i tried and i receive errors on array_key_exists line 832) SO i'm doing something wrong.


2) i created a new module,

that (i dont know how) import a csv or populate a brand new table in the database.
then i managed to use a INNER JOIN to select only the common products. I now have an array.
From this array (i dont know how) i should be able to update the products price.

Do you guys see another solution? If not what do you suggest me to do?
Thank you very much

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