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Special modules/add-ons questions


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I'm currently trying out Prestashop on my computer and I'm looking for a couple special or custom modules that may achieve what I'm looking to do. In searching the forum and official marketplace I can't seem to find what I'm wanting to do... I may not be using the right words or just looking in the wrong places; Hopefully someone can help me out or point me in the correct direction.

In a couple months we are looking to open up a "industrial thrift store" if you will. The "store" is going to be in part of a warehouse that will be occupied with some other storage and another business/project by us. 

What I'm wanting to do contain the whole business in one thing for convenience and accuracy of records. Prestashop, so far, has a winning chance because of it's data tracking, stats, and many other features. 

However I'm looking for a module/modules that will help me out.

First thing is that I will most likely be running things completely from my home computer, laptop, and the majority of use will be on a 10+in tablet with 4g. 

What I'm looking for:

1. In-store Pickup (After some messing around I found out how to add pickup as an option of carrier)

2. Cash payment (Found the Cheque module, and my attempts of converting it haven't been best of results)

3. On-location checkout via backend/module.
4. Not requiring/forcing pickup(or walk-in customers rather) to have to delve their details if they don't want to.

5. It needs to be secure for our customers and ourselves.

It needs to be fairly easy to function and use with and without a mouse.

What I would really like is a modification to the order creator, or a clone of sorts on the back end that lets me select cash, check, and take cards and enter certain details. Also for cash, a "change" calculator would be available. It would also allow me to use a "guest checkout" of sorts for creating the order if the customer doesn't want to input all of their data.   It doesn't need to be a full fledged POS solution with the fancy screen set up like you'll see on Android, Ipad, etc apps. The default (back office) order creation page would work perfectly fine if I could get the features I need and they would work together well.

At the moment I am undecided if I want to allow guest checkout for customers via website, although I'm not opposed to it; especially if that would help that aspect in order creation.

The point of all of this being within prestashop is for inventory tracking, records, sales, etc. Considering this will start out as a side/part-time business I won't have tons of time to collaborate all of my records into one place while trying to satisfy customers.

If anybody knows of any modules,add-ons, etc that would work (currently testing 1.6 and I like it so far, so keep that  version in mind) and help me out, I would really appreciate it. Any advice, tips, etc is also very welcome and Thanks ahead of time...

If It comes to it and I need to get some custom modules made is it possible for it to be free or cheap? We will be starting on a shoestring budget for various reasons and while I have some history with programming and scripting, I don't know PHP well enough to do more than some minor modifications.

Thanks again in advance.

ps. I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I felt like this is the best place for it.

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