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Record Size

Zetri Mulyadi

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Hi There,


Am a newbie, trying to get a sit up and running with PS 1.6.

Am adding the zones table to 5K + records.


Apparently it slows down the shipping module in BO, costing me losing control of shipping module due to loading time of shipping module takes forever (more than 5 minutes, after several trial, i quit waiting for the shipping module page  loading..


Kindly please advise if anyone has a pointer to enlight me on this matter.


I do believe that it must be something i did, but what i did was simply added the zone to 5K + zones from the Localization module.



Am just wondering if we have 5K+ items, or combinated items, or packs, or shipping destination up to district, or some other with quite a number of records, would PS be able to take care of the records size.

Which I believe many out there running their ecommerce with even bigger numbers and scale.



Your advise would be valuable to personally as it may too if anyone having the same concern with me.





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