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Unique (one-off) products: how to ensure that only one cart can contain it


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I'm having to handle the sale of thousands one-off, unique products (antique books).

This means that no two products are the same: stock levels always start at 1 and when that single one is bought, the product goes out-of-stock.


I need to modify PrestaShop 1.6 to ensure that if two or more customers try to put the same unique product into their carts, that only one (the first) is successful, and the second gets an out-of-stock warning.


Then, the successful cart has a certain time window to create an order. Otherwise the cart releases the product which becomes in-stock again.


My questions are:

– Does anyone know of any module which provides this (or similar) functionality?

– If not, at which points in the PrestaShop code would recommend implementing the above enhancements?

– Is the "reservation" concept of AdvancedStockManagement helpful here?


I would very much appreciate the insights of anyone who has implemented something similar.





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But what is someone put an item in their cart for a an hour then never buys it, thereby denying others the chance to buy it.

If you have a look at you your abandoned carts you can get an idea of how much a problem this could or could not be, personally many store have really high cart abandonment rates.

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that's a valid point – I think a short cart timeout would be the solution.

In this case, it's most important to ensure that a popular item is not ordered by two customers because one of them would have to be manually cancelled and the customer will be disappointed and not return.



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