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blockpermanentlinks bookmark fails

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Hi PShoppers.
There are two issues with blockpermanentlink's bookmark (zu Favoriten) at hesper-verlag.de
First miracle: why I can see the link "zu Favoriten" (located upper left in lower header very small font) in Firefox but not in Opera or Chrome?
Second miracle: why the link does not work?
Oh, my template "Venus" is a handmade workout from the standard template of PS V1.5 and the 1clickupdate to 1.6.08 went succsessful. We are on 1.6.09 now. The bookmark issue appears since 1.5.
I made all checks in TPL and CSS and so on.


<li id="header_link_bookmark">
        <script type="text/javascript">writeBookmarkLink('{$come_from}', '{$meta_title|addslashes|addslashes}', '{l s='bookmark' mod='blockpermanentlinks' js=1}');</script>


This statement seems to be ok (since I've read other threads here in forum).
Maybe some interested experienced surfer will come along my customer's prestashop (http://www.hesper-verlag.de) to have a look? When the mouse is pointing "zu Favoriten" you can see the browser's footer message:




This statement doesn't work at all but anyway, you must
have a great day.

Best regards

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