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Error message - Please specify up to 4 s per listing


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A few weeks ago I successfully uploaded around 100 products into eBay but when I try again today, it fails every time, even with a single product but the error messages seem to change each time I try the import. The only difference is I’m trying upload into a different eBay category, one I’ve not uploaded to before.

I do not understand the error messages so do not know how to try and resolve the problem.

The first error message is usually

    Please specify up to 4 s per listing.

but it does not always appear. It looks like it is trying to tell me something about needing up to 4 somethings but it is not telling me what they are!

The second error message is

    Error sending AddFixedPriceItem request

which I’m guessing is a generic failure message. Again this does not always appear.

Can anyone offer any help to try and track the error.

I am running Prestashop and eBay module 1.6.7.

I’ve configured all the Prestashop categories, matching them to eBay categories. I’m only uploading specific products so have unselected all products except the ones I want to upload and then on the 'List products' tab, I’ve checked the 'sync the products only in the selected categories', which then correctly shows 1 product to upload. I’ve tried different products and different categories but I can no longer get any products to upload.

When items are purchased on eBay, the orders are created in Prestashop and stock levels are decremented.


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For the benefit of anyone else suffering from this error, I've tracked down the problem.


I have discovered that you are only allowed 4 domestic shipping options (can't use international as the module does not calculate them correctly) and after importing the previous products I'd added a fifth domestic shipping option which I'd forgotten about.


I assume the eBay API is trying to tell me I'm only allow 4 shipping options but for some reason the error message is being truncated. Don't know if this is an eBay bug or module bug.


It still failed after I'd reduced it to 4 but with a different error. For some reason, it failed with


    Postage service Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard Medium Parcel(340) is not available.
    Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard Medium Parcel(340)

I can only assume this eBay shipping method is not valid even though it appears in the Prestashop dropdown, so I ignored it.

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