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Wrong error message with VAT verification module

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Hi, thanks for Prestashop, it's a good way to approach e-commerce world.


I have a problem with "European Vat number" module.

When I insert a wrong VAT the system reports me the error:


"VAT number validation service unavailable"


also if the webservice give a response to the system.


I see that code inside vatnumber.php has an option "VAT number not found" on line 165 but it seems the condition not happen (perhaps EU webservice changed the response?)


my module version is v1.7.2 and is up to date.


I have also another question:


Is there a way for setting module default_socket_timeout (line 156 of vatnumber.php) without changing the module code itself?


The code report:


 @ini_set('default_socket_timeout', 2);


but sometimes the EU respond after 10 seconds... so I changed with  @ini_set('default_socket_timeout', 15);


The problem is that if there will be an upgrade to the module I lose my changes... and it was easy to forget to rechange that line of code.


Thanks for replies



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